As long as we keep baking with poisoned flour, the act of feeding humanity will not have the final, desired result. What I mean to say is that we can go through all the right motions, but if our motives, and the spirit with which we act, still bears feelings and attitudes of prejudice, a sense of superiority, a tendency [...]
I feel like a young kitten,
head on its mother’s lap,
kneading gently and
taking in the milk of truth and reality,
until soon it’s strong enough
to open new, curious eyes
and bear the light. [...]
There’s a saying, “Strike while the iron is hot!” When forging iron or steel, it is very hard and resists change until a certain temperature, when it suddenly becomes soft like putty. This is when you can decide the shape and purpose of the blade. Afterward, its attributes are fixed and resist any change. As a furnace does this to [...]
A future butterfly
who prizes their cocoon
will have a hard time ahead. [...]
It’s not the qualities
of the knife in itself,
as judged by
or compared with
all the other knives;

What matters most
are the qualities
that the Chef
adores in the knife. [...]
My relation to my self
is as a caterpillar
to the butterfly
who dwells within.

The Writings of God
talk of the real world:
stories in the language
of those who fly;
depicting a doorway
in the shape of a chrysalis
that I might know
what form to adopt
to be born again….

Into a world
of flight [...]