Breath deeply. Take a moment to let your eyes close; clear your mind of thoughts best you can; let a feeling of stillness settle upon you. In this space imagine your whole being is like a compass needle, seeking true North. Allow it move freely this way and that. Your guide is the magnetic force of the Divine: the attraction [...]
I think the system of today has meritorious features, but it’s not complete enough for what the future needs. It was designed by and for a simpler age. To give an example of what I mean, using a far simpler scenario than our complex, inter-connected markets: Imagine the only financial system in existence was a world bank that paid a [...]
Concerning the appearance of manifest injustice in the world, if I may use the analogy of a garden: When the Gardener first puts a seed into the ground, the seed finds a snug and safe place that provides for all of its needs. It is happy there. As it grows and develops, however, it begins to find the conditions oppressive [...]
Prayer magnetizes the needle of the heart;
and since He is closer to us
than our life’s vein,
no movement is needed,
merely direction
and sanctity of heart.

I think the length of our prayer
should relate to our need for
this refining and alignment.

I don’t think God desires
a mercantile relationship with us,
where count and [...]
I would also propose a non-literal reading of Násút as it refers to the human condition. In those moments when we truly abandon self, when a love for all beings dawns in our hearts and causes us to feel disconnected from time and the immediate space of our bodies – in those moments I believe we taste what our creation [...]
A thought I had this week: We have two deep problems regarding racism in this country: A policy problem, and a love problem. Anti-racism is an effective stance with regard to policy, but it does not move the needle very far on the matter of love: Not just including, but cherishing; not just accepting, but befriending; not just supporting, but [...]