About Me

My name is John Wiegley (the last name pronounced exactly as the word “wiggly”, two syllables). I’m a computer systems programmer by day (and night), and as well a thinker, poet, and philosopher. People often describe me as a bit intense, a dreamer, sometimes a tad crazy. Since college, I have heard people telling me to “Wake up” – yet I still prefer to dream.

To me, God is the ultimate of all that is good and wonderful, as well as the purpose behind everything evil and horrible. There is much written about this in my essays. In a word, God is quality to me, and whatever has quality manifests God. I think of my soul as that part of me which longs for that part of Him, wherever in the world I find it.

As a Bahá’í, I follow the teachings and institutions of Bahá’u’lláh, about which more may be found here. In some ways I am a very religious person, while in others I am not at all. I don’t think religion and spirituality always connect, and there is no human organization that will ever be perfect.

That said, I do believe the world is headed for wonderful things, with a phase of painful transition between. I dedicate myself to what will come on the other side, and make my efforts and plans in those terms.

My background is Germanic, and I am a lover of travel and languages. I also have many hobbies, and develop fascinations quickly and fiercely. It can be anything too, from books to knives to soap. I never know myself what will capture my interest next.

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