When I compare the Primal Will to the sun, it’s clear to me that the sun too has an origin: the laws of physics which allow gravity to seize matter and compress it until fusion begins. But where did the laws of physics come from? What is the origin of gravity? No matter how much we may understand the operations [...]
A wave is a creature of zero thickness, zero depth. It neither dives nor departs. It’s “not really there”, except as a moving form given passing life by time. It has form due to the ocean, while the ocean is the lone reality. All the wave has to do is stop asserting its existence, or striving to regain companionship with [...]
Many seem to think that belief in God should be based on His being obvious and easily proven to exist. Yet the nature of this life, with all its apparent contradictions, causes me to wonder if His not being obvious is the point of why we’re here. Say you’re the most famous person in all of existence; wouldn’t you like [...]
Belief is a commitment
to certain conceptions
within me,
while faith is a commitment
to what is Unknown
beyond me. [...]
Al-Qushayri, the Sufi scholar, writes that the fear of God (تقوى) has three aspects: “… full trust in God with respect to what has not been granted to him; full satisfaction with what has been granted to him; and full patience with respect to what has eluded him.” In terms of the lover and the Beloved, consider how a lover’s [...]
Something that occurred to me this week: In my relationship to God, I know I have to eventually love the Blessed Beauty so dearly that any hint of self would feel like choosing dust over diamonds. And I’ve also always thought there is a direction reflection between my relationship to God and my relationship to people. This led to an [...]