Do the clouds have any power to darken or brighten the sun? Only while feet are bound to the earth will they seem to. [...]
If God is All-Powerful, He doesn’t need a Prophet to make Himself known to mankind. This implies that either He doesn’t exist, or He doesn’t want people to know Him in such an easy, automatic way. Perhaps there is value in free will, and the freedom to arrive at a knowledge of God through choice and determined effort. Perhaps that [...]
Imagine someone you’ve known for many, many years: maybe a spouse, a friend, a parent. Look through the eye of the mind, and we might say: we’ll never fully know them. We don’t know what they’ll do tomorrow, if they’ll always be loyal, if they’ll always be kind, if they’ll always be the person we know today. The mind, if [...]
moon on the water bright faces dancing, dancing wind calms, they head home [...]
As gold is loved for its twinkle in another's eye, so self is prized, itself not knowing why. [...]
This physical life we are born into is just a beginning: not only of body and soul, but also our awareness of the nature of existence. The Bahá’í Faith, to me, is a treasure map telling how to venture through the wilds of that existence, and discover the hidden cities of gold lying just beneath the veil of seeming. Virtues [...]