Minds cannot know, and eyes are blind: the heart alone approaches the Divine. [...]
Keep in mind that, as children, “play” was totally meaningless too. It had no societal benefit, no ultimate effect. We played, it ended, so what was the point? As conscious beings, our reality is to be conscious. It does not necessarily require a higher moral value, or an ultimate destination. If being aware is all we can truly possess or [...]
I think absolute truth does exist, but often when you cast it into terms of human language and conception, it becomes relative to those assumptions. For example: Does the sun radiate heat? Absolutely, this is a physical and verifiable fact. Is the sun hot? Yes, and no. It’s certainly hot to those of us living on Earth; but it’s downright [...]
Problem with this question is that it assumes time is linear for everyone, including God. Imagine you knew everything. Not just everything that is, but everything that can be: every possible universe that could result from every possible choice. And you don’t just know one or some of them, but all of them. You know my whole future if I [...]
I think true faith means being willing to give up every one of your beliefs in the name of truth. Because truth is the truth, and your beliefs are just… your beliefs. One is absolute and independent, while the other is relative to what you know, understand and perceive. This doesn’t necessarily mean that one day you’ll stop believing in [...]
Prayer is a mystery; it’s not like withdrawing money from an ATM. Sometimes it’s working when you think it isn’t, and vice versa. It’s better to use prayer as a means to connect your heart with God, and express yourself to Him, than treating it like God’s IT department. Prayer is like that feeling you get in the midst of [...]