We naturally want religion to be rational, easily comprehended, and defensible before all arguments, but it has never been so. Some aspects of God’s Will are deeply shrouded in mystery, and will remain forever beyond our ken. How can feeble reason encompass the Qur’án, Or the spider snare a phoenix in his web? Wouldst thou that the mind should not [...]
To live in a state of prayer entails not only uttering sacred verses in moments of devotion; it suggests, too, that throughout the day we should turn our hearts towards God. I think the most profound communication of one’s love for God lies in complete and radiant acceptance of others, until they feel the warmth of our affection. It doesn’t [...]
A long time ago I found that every truth I discovered about “God” was also, in some way, a truth about “humanity”, which in turn was a truth about “myself”. There is a realm in which all things have their proper place and station; and there is another in which all things are united, rays of the same Sun. Yet [...]
Consider yourself like a fish, swimming in the heart of the ocean, searching for water… you think haven’t found it because you don’t swim fast enough, or strong enough, or like the fishes of old; or that your lazy eye, your broken scale, your weak fin is the reason. When, in fact, nothing can hold you back! A fish swims [...]
All things serve God’s purpose, so it’s quite possible that many of the current theories on species development are valid. What Bahá’ís add is that, in the final analysis, all things are seen to serve the greater plan of God: the appearance of human perfections. Viewed through the narrowing lens of time, any one thing appears quite independent, a random [...]
Unbelief is hell. As long as you cannot or will not recognize the Beloved, you are forever deprived of what you long for most. Imagine you’re in a desert, dying of thirst. There is a pool of crystal, pure water in front of you, but you’re convinced it’s poison and want nothing to do with it. As long as you [...]