The sun and its rays

When I compare the Primal Will to the sun, it’s clear to me that the sun too has an origin: the laws of physics which allow gravity to seize matter and compress it until fusion begins. But where did the laws of physics come from? What is the origin of gravity? No matter how much we may understand the operations of nature that allow the sun to exist, we cannot know the causal origins of existence itself. In logic, this is like building a framework of reasoning atop an assumed set of axioms. Although such a framework can explain nearly all of mathematics, at the end of the day the axioms are pulled out of whole cloth and it is there that our reasoning fully and completely stops. The mind has no entrance, even if in the result there is great utility.

Now that the sun is shining, and bestowing life on the entire solar system, it must convey that life-giving power through its rays. There is no direct tie between the sun and any of the planets: this would be utterly destructive. Instead, the rays act as medium and connection. What we call “the sun” is in fact only knowledge of the sun’s properties through its rays.

But even this isn’t a complete picture, because life requires periods of rest and renewal. The earth is not awash in the full radiance of the sun at all times. There is a night and day cycle. In consequence – from the earth’s perspective – the rays appear to come and go, to wax and wane in both intensity and spectrum.

In this sense, a pre-dawn ray might claim to be a direct representative of the sun, but it cannot be compared to the visible sun. A post-dawn ray, however – while also a ray – is a more direct representative because its light manifests the full orb of the sun. When speaking in the voice of the sun, it could factually declare that it is the source of that pre-dawn ray.

This is the key point: they are both equally rays, but because of their differences owing to the orientation of the earth, they speak in the voice of the sun from distinct stations. One is the dawning radiance of the sun; the other bears the light of the full image of the sun. And since the dawning light derives its radiance from that full orb, it would be correct for the ray representing the orb to say that it is the source of the ray representing the morning’s aurora.

To me, these three realities: that which makes the sun possible, the sun itself, and the rays that manifest the attributes of the sun: are all aspects of one reality. And because the rays differ in rank in their relationship to the sun – solely due to the orientation of the earth, and not because of any inherent difference in the essence of the rays themselves – not only do they appear as multiple, but in their relationship one to the other it could be said that one is the source of another, or that an earlier ray exists only to make the earth ready for one who will come after.