“God’s eternity”, in the Arabic, is often stated as “baqá”. It is discovered upon completing self-annihilation, faná. These two relate to the opposite poles of the mystic’s journey: God (Alláh) and self (nafs). Once the nafs is consumed in the fire of love and becomes nothing (faná), then the lover enters the heaven of eternity in God (baqá). These mystic [...]
Let’s say you want to become an expert on the sun. What would that mean? That you know its temperature, its cycles, its various wavelengths. But you still only know the sun from a great distance. So you build a ship and go to the sun. To survive the trip, you’d need to filter the sun’s light down to human [...]
Look at how they treat others. Do they complain about life, or appreciate what they have? Do they have time for you when you need it? What is most important to them? How do they react to things happening in the world? How do they respond to the boring, ordinary moments that life is full of, not just when things [...]
What I think everyone should know is that the Bahá’í Faith believes every human being to be an infinitely beautiful light, albeit trapped within a lantern of iron: the obscuring dross of self and material desires. If this light became generally known and appreciated, the character of our planet would change in ways we cannot dream of. Forget ending wars [...]
There are two fundamental ways of viewing religion: From the perspective of the Divine Unity, and the perspective of this world of distinction. Each perspective has its own truth. In the realm of Unity, the Founder of each religion is compared to the Sun: whatever season it may be on Earth, the Sun is unchanged by it. Any differences witnessed [...]
How do we, as lovers of the Ancient Beauty, come to recognize the gem-like beauty of the Qur’án, as an emanation from His Exalted Pen? Number me not with them who read Thy words and fail to find Thy hidden gift which, as decreed by Thee, is contained therein, and which quickeneth the souls of Thy creatures and the hearts [...]