There is no greater barrier in our journey
than the boundaries of self.
It is a prison whose walls we cannot break,
since our own desire strengthens them.

We are the narrators of our existence,
deeply believing in the stories we tell ourselves:
a shadow world pulled over the eyes;
a mirage of imagination. [...]
If you claim
to be a lover of diamonds,
yet your eye
lingers on rocks and dust
it tells the lie.

Not while the heart
holds envy
for lesser things
has it beheld the higher. [...]
I think that saying, “religion is about morality”, is the same as saying, “playing the violin is about proper fingering and posture”. [...]
One night, having reached
the ocean of mystery
I dipped my simple cup

Yea, it was wet
it slaked my thirst
it tasted of the sea
it filled me up…

But there was no royal blue
nor leviathans of the deep
no pearls of great luster
nor place for whales to sleep

To know these, I could [...]
The Revelation of God is like a curtain
made to be pulled back
to reveal a Loved One
you have longed for all your life
even if you never knew her name.

It exists because
it is not meet and seemly
that such pure beauty
should be revealed to all eyes
avaricious and vulgar.
The heart must be tested, [...]
I’ve been thinking lately about the qualities we aspire to achieve during our lives, and how these qualities seem to divide roughly into two basic categories, the dividing line between which is the event of death. On the one hand are what I’ll call “evident” qualities, or those which are easily identified and as such most generally valued. They include [...]