If we experience failure from the perspective of a humble posture of learning, then failure makes the mind ready for what it needs to learn. Otherwise, it can become a barrier, a discouragement. It’s like tilling the soil: Until the ground is broken up, the seed may not take. Sometimes we have to discover what our weaknesses are in order [...]
On Reddit someone said recently: I was having this discussion with a few friends recently. I think that the term “Knowledge of God” in the Writings is code for “recognition of the Manifestation of God”, except in those Writings where the term “knowledge of God” refers to God’s knowledge – i.e. the knowledge possessed by God. When I read your [...]
We dwell in Reality, but do we see it? A great part of what we perceive seems to be our own self reflected back at us: feeling real enough to drive our emotions, desires, and fears. It’s like being in an empty room with white walls. We face one of those walls, except in addition to perceiving what’s in front [...]
What you are is never changing, and you can’t put a finger on it. It can’t be humble, it can’t be proud. It’s only ever aware. What you’re aware of is always changing. You’re aware of these emotions that arise unbidden within you, and, using a matrix of societal norms, you give them names and judge them good or bad, [...]
My inspired rendering of a poem on love by Na’im Madyun: Born of the Spirit:
Love nurtures our spirit;
As the holy light shines
its light in the mind
is that Love Divine.
Love draws us in
A swirl of gravity’s
world-embracing drawing-in
of all that is:
the natural way.
Strongest when truth
is most near
and most dear;
a [...]
It’s a constant challenge to me, to appreciate the merits of this world in its role of hollowing us out and refining us, sharpening our vision and purifying our heart, to such a degree that when the Divine finally appears before us, we respond with the love of our entire being. Darkness makes the eye keener. [...]