Wisdom cannot be found without seeking knowledge, but knowledge does not grant wisdom – in fact, can prevent it. One must acquire knowledge with the understanding that only freedom from it will make it worthwhile. This is the paradox that causes us to fail from the first step. To answer it requires passing beyond failure and success. It’s about the [...]
When we start from the assumption that between “here” and “There” a great distance remains, the Divine is very hard to find because it dwells closer than our life’s vein. The body, and the needs of body, are not a standard for the spirit. Thus, interpreting “good” as pleasant, and “evil” as pain or loss, makes reading religious scripture very [...]
The question “What is love?” has a simple and immediate answer, but can never be shared and no one has ever understood it – though lovers consider it as plain as breathing. And just as studying books and practicing will not help you find it, neither will not studying and not practicing. Seek with openness, and it may find you, [...]
The Prophets each have a two-fold station: one that is worldly and one that is Divine. It is like the Sun, which has both a terrestrial aspect – where it is seen traveling around the Earth, and changing its zenith with the seasons – and a Universal aspect, where it resides at the center of the solar system and all [...]
Viewed on its own, physical death and suffering in this world are among the worst of its evils. How can God, Who is so good, permit these evils to constantly triumph? Viewed in the context of a life beyond, where this world is only the beginning of a vast and varied journey, the picture changes. Then physical suffering is not [...]
We naturally want religion to be rational, easily comprehended, and defensible before all arguments, but it has never been so. Some aspects of God’s Will are deeply shrouded in mystery, and will remain forever beyond our ken. How can feeble reason encompass the Qur’án, Or the spider snare a phoenix in his web? Wouldst thou that the mind should not [...]