The mountain in front of you can be conquered step by step. Connect with Bahá’u’lláh, not the form and image of what Bahá’í looks like. Hold on to that connection even if things get weird and rocky. Virtue doesn’t exist to judge you. Think of a violin: it is always capable of great music, but needs tuning and training to [...]
I believe that God created us out of love, since love is an attribute of His perfection. He created each thing, and a paradise for that thing, so the creature might enjoy the bounties of its Creator. This is not done out of any need, but as a token of His grace, so we might know the abundant joy of [...]
I think the most profound communication of one’s love for God lies in complete and radiant acceptance of others, until they feel the warmth of our affection. It doesn’t need to be a communication of ideas or concepts; the unity of God is best preached by seeing the goodness in others, independent of all earthly differences, and acting with this [...]
So good is my King that I understand it not. His words, not true, but truth itself, Glorious, Exalted, Most Praiseworthy! I praise Him, not for reason's sake nor desert, but this: He is the very meaning of the act. If He cast me out from His great City beyond walls and moats, alone in sadness, forsaken, wondering what wisdom [...]
I prepared the following speech for our Unit Convention today, about the current Five Year Plan: For various reasons, I’ve been reading the Five Year Plan quite often this year, and studying it with others on many occasions. What all this study has taught me is: I am no expert on this Plan. I have no idea what its fulfillment [...]
Dear reader! You are the unsought treasure. The jewel mistaken for glass. The sleeping queen taken for a peasant. Awaken your true self! You are the gateway, the hidden door, the catalyst for what might be. A painting in a lightless cave is equal to the pressing void. You were made to catch the light; to reveal its beauty secrets. [...]