I would also propose a non-literal reading of Násút as it refers to the human condition. In those moments when we truly abandon self, when a love for all beings dawns in our hearts and causes us to feel disconnected from time and the immediate space of our bodies – in those moments I believe we taste what our creation is meant for, the next realms of being. It’s not just our physical humanity we are to get past, it is the limitations of a mortal perspective, a mortal world-view, a mortal understanding.

Such as, for example, when a person reads Scripture too literally, in terms of its apparent, physical meaning only, and then takes up arms against the Beloved when He appears in new clothing; this error is made possible by the obscuring dust of Násút. But if we ascend beyond these limitations and come to understand and perceive the intent of the Holy Texts beyond their symbolism – and by so doing begin to recognize and truly love and adore the Manifestation and His laws – this is our heart’s paradise and the first stirrings of the breezes of Malakút.