Castles in the sand

My thoughts are like castles made from sand,
while the thoughts of the Founders are what I build upon.

If I try to preserve my castle from the elements
– wind, rain and sea –
not only is it fruitless,
but frustrating and distracting.

If instead, I do it for the inspiration
and feelings of beauty that result,
it’s only natural I should wipe it away each day
and begin a new design.

Meanwhile, the bedrock remains unchanged
and gives me strength to explore new constructions.

The question is ever: Is my heart developing?
Is my behavior changing?
Is it drawing me closer to God?

"Every kind of knowledge, every science,is as a tree:
if the fruit of it be the love of God,
then is it a blessed tree,
but if not, that tree is but dried-up wood,
and shall only feed the fire." – ‘Abdu’l-Bahá