Stations of prophethood

The Prophets each have a two-fold station: one that is worldly and one that is Divine.

It is like the Sun, which has both a terrestrial aspect – where it is seen traveling around the Earth, and changing its zenith with the seasons – and a Universal aspect, where it resides at the center of the solar system and all the other planets revolving around it, while it itself turns only around the galactic center.

Depending on how you look at the Prophets – by their earthly or their Heavenly aspect, with regard to their Seen or their Hidden nature – it changes the meaning of what they say about themselves.

In the Hidden sense, every Prophet is the “be all end all”, since the Primal Will, the animating Spirit of the Prophets, is one and absolute. It is only in the Manifest sense that each Prophet has a special station, and shines with a certain measure of His beauty.

When people take these Hidden statements, and refuse to interpret them by anything other than their Manifest meaning, this is when religion become a battleground for conflicting opinions, rather than a means for the unification of all peoples.