Heart and mind

Imagine someone you’ve known for many, many years: maybe a spouse, a friend, a parent.

Look through the eye of the mind, and we might say: we’ll never fully know them. We don’t know what they’ll do tomorrow, if they’ll always be loyal, if they’ll always be kind, if they’ll always be the person we know today. The mind, if it’s honest, doesn’t know even 0.01% of the mysteries of life.

Look through the eye of the heart, and we might say: we’ll never stop loving them. No matter what they do tomorrow, no matter if they’re loyal, no matter if they’re always kind. They’ll always be the soul we love today. The heart, if pure and filled with God, revels in these mysteries like a fish from the fathomless deeps.

Seeking certainty of mind is to drink the Ocean by cupfuls: you’ll never know the bottom of it. Certainty of heart dives straight in, praying always, “O Lord, increase my astonishment at Thee!”

Wherefore, if those who have come to the sea of His presence are found to possess none of the limited things of this perishable world, whether it be outer wealth or personal opinions, it mattereth not. For whatever the creatures have is limited by their own limits, and whatever the True One hath is sanctified therefrom; this utterance must be deeply pondered that its purport may be clear.