Focus on the Source

The mountain in front of you can be conquered step by step. Connect with Bahá’u’lláh, not the form and image of what Bahá’í looks like. Hold on to that connection even if things get weird and rocky.

Virtue doesn’t exist to judge you. Think of a violin: it is always capable of great music, but needs tuning and training to reach its purest notes. You are that violin. Even now, however badly you may feel, the perfection is right there with you, always a part of you. The point of virtue is not to show you how far you have to go, it’s to help you realize the infinite beauty shining from your own heart.

Focus on the Source. Know that He loves you more than anyone can; He cares more than is reasonable; He is merciful beyond His justice. He is a Friend that will never give up on you, no matter what. Think of that, and not yourself. Make it the center of your life, and naturally you’ll want to strengthen the relationship.

Outward forms are always the greatest challenge. They can be so depressing, so defeating. God is “closer to you than your life’s vein”. Even if you lose sight of it for a brief time, you have never left. The sun shines eternally, no matter if there are clouds, no matter if the Earth has turned its back for the night.