A precious bestowal

“All that is in heaven and earth I have ordained for thee, except the human heart…”

God made us in order for our hearts to turn toward Him; but He desires that to happen willingly and sincerely. For such to be true, we must always be free either to believe or not believe. I don’t mean membership in a Faith either, but what we really think about God in our hearts.

If the sun hugged the Earth, the Earth would burn away: it would destroy the fragile life of our planet. So instead, the glory of the sun is mediated through its rays, allowing us to receive its heat and light, but in a form we can survive.

If God stood before you today, and manifested undeniable proof of His Being, your purpose in having been created would vanish. He knows that He is real; He doesn’t need your belief. Your love would then be automatic, and not the true love of which the human soul is capable. He hides Himself in order that you may know the inimitable joy of finding Him.

We live this life in the darkest of nights, that we might come to apprehend even the least glimmerings of His truth. And when the dawn finally comes, and our souls are freed from these bodily cages, we will be in a position to cherish every revelation.

Imagine you were a wealthy king, and wanted your newborn son to value and appreciate the kingdom he would inherit. Likely the best method would be to allow him to be raised in poverty and squalor, unaware of his inheritance, enduring the pain of his fellow subjects. Yet what mortal king has such love and self-denial, that he would allow his infant son to suffer, in order to bring about that future king’s most noble self?

Everywhere around you – in the darkness, the pain, the suffering – is the manifestation of a love so great, it is both invisible, and entirely mysterious and bewildering. If it were otherwise, how could it offer its ultimate prize?