The Irony of Truth

We have always sought Truth.
But the terrible irony is:
In its pursuit, we haven’t its aid.

That is: We cannot use
a Truth we do not know
to measure those we think we’ve found.

Thus history is replete
with such cases of irony;
of believing we already know
the name, or the face
of Whom we seek.

We imagine it will come
from kings or royal lineage;
when it appeared from a carpenter
of unknown descent.

Or we believe it can be told
by learned men and scholars;
when it came from a desert nomad,
illiterate and cast out.

We look to men of virtue
or a proven character;
when deliverance came
from the hands of a killer.

Or we long for personages
of fame and great reknown;
when the final word
was the word of a prisoner.

If history has taught us anything:
In matters of Truth and wisdom,
never trust your expectations.