My thanks

What if I had never been born? What if I had never known what love felt like? To my Creator, I can only offers thanks from the bottom of my heart. How much sorrow there has been, year after year. But now I know, from that pain, what beauty it is for love to exist. He made my heart into a sensitive organ, until now I can see in the moment of an “I love you”, a deeper reality that leaves me stunned in awe. If only I could give up my soul for everyone to know what I refer to, I would still not be short-changed, because for those moments I did know it. That alone is my real life. I am beyond death now, of a sort, because I live in knowing that love is there to be found.

My thanks to the girls and the friends who pushed me over the edge, and taught me that on the other side of madness lies something divine. To every woman I have ever ached for: You brought me face to face with a God I could understand. You were all my teachers. Even if in my heart I have learned of other ways, still you introduced me to love.

Now I can summarize my philosophy of life: Whenever you love, you are God – just as a mirror becomes the sun when it gazes at the sky. The seeing and the being are one. You cannot see without love, but when you do, you become what you see in that vision of things. This is reunion, in its dynamic form. If you regard others as a parent sees his best loved child, you will taste of Fatherhood in that moment.