All kinds of liberation

In an elegantly ironic move by our friend, the Universe, even as I wrote about liberation from sorrow, my car was apparently being liberated from me!absconded to places I will probably never know. Which comes at a strange time, since my air mattress recently liberated itself from air (through a leak), and now I wonder how to catch a bus to buy a new one. It might be a few flat nights, until I find a ride to a car dealer.

Recent thoughts have certainly changed my perspective on all this, of course. As the policeman makes his way to my apartment, I count myself lucky for living near places to eat. There is something magical here. I was wanting a new car, anyway; my Honda had problems I’d been putting off fixing. Perhaps a problem was nearing critical, and fate chose to steer me onto a different path. I will never know. But I do feel that, somehow, in the place of my disappearing car, something better this way comes.