The life beyond this

What if the world we see is like an image reflecting off of still water; when we die, we will step across into the source of that reflection. In which case, there is a value to this mundane world that is directly linked to the spiritual worlds, though it contain no substance of its own. So when we pass on, we will not be leaving things behind in one sense – the reflection being in some ways the same as the thing reflected – we will only be leaving behind the pool that offered us our first glimpse into Beauty.

What we see here are the “the brilliant rays of the divine sun shining from the dawning-point of Essence alike on all created things”, and thus here too we can commune with our Goal. Putting aside the mortal coil will simply free our vision, and liberate that communion from all impediment – if we’re ready to handle it. But there is nothing about this world per se to be scorned; it’s simply a matter of seeing the message in the letter – and falling in love with its Author, not the paper it was written on!

A thought

There are several mystics connected now via a web of blogs: Sina, Noufal, Daniela, Arya (and Chris, though he has no blog yet). Believing as we all do in the mystical, and the powers of faith to affect reality: What if we started a regimen of prayer for the increase of each other’s vision? Whenever people have prayed for me in the past, it has always had an impact. I will start those prayers tonight, and would love to hear about the wonderful coincidences that begin appearing in my friend’s lives…