Pictures of Pacifica

Finally! I can show some images of my home town, Pacifica, California (which is about four miles south from the city of San Francisco). I’ve done web searches before to find images of Pacifica, but couldn’t turn up much. So here is my own gallery, with a few pictures from the part of town where I live.

Also, these photos represent another stage in my camera education: Most of them were taken in aperture priority mode, where I was able to manually control the depth of field. I then transferred the RAW images into Photoshop CS, and played around with the white balance, color curves, lighting levels, used the healing brush, etc. I am addicted to that program already! and have found it very easy to turn marginal photos into just what I was looking for.

I have also winnowed the collection of Aptos pictures to my true favorites, and added another set of photos from a picnic this past weekend in Scotts Valley (a town about one hour to the south).