Stations of mystical truth

There are many levels of truth, one might say. In one station, that of limitation, the world is divided according to its qualities, and each thing possesses a station in accord with its merit. This is necessary for testing the soul and assisting in its growth.

In another station, everything the soul beholds is from God, and all things, high or low, are seen as gifts, as tokens of His bounty. Beyond this, even the soul is but a ray from the everlasting Sun: the rays being nothing without His shining. Can anyone pick out a single ray from the sun’s light? In yet another station, to discuss even the rays or Sun is to go astray. As Bahá’u’lláh writes:

In this Valley, the wayfarer leaveth behind him the stages of the “oneness of Being and Manifestation” and reacheth a oneness that is sanctified above these two stations. Ecstasy alone can encompass this theme, not utterance nor argument; and whosoever hath dwelt at this stage of the journey, or caught a breath from this garden land, knoweth whereof We speak.

And there are stations where there can be neither speaker nor speech, neither comprehension nor awareness – nor even the absence of these. Such degrees of reality are referred to in mystic literature as the divine worlds: beginning with the mortal world, and ending in Háhút, the realm of God’s perfect aloneness.

As the soul grows in perception and self-surrender, it comes to a fuller realization of what is real (“the real real”) and what is false. Or it may transcend both real and false, and leave behind ideas altogether. However it happens, whenever one makes efforts to find Him, entire worlds unfold…

In every city he will behold a world, in every Valley reach a spring, in every meadow hear a song.