The Alien Bookstore Owner

Last night I had a very strange dream as well. I was in a neighborhood on an alien planet – although everyone there was just like a human – and I was running through yards, and jumping fences, in order to escape from the aliens, since they wanted me to stay in just one particular house.

At one point, I made it to a huge, antique-looking house, that was so decrepit that it immediately begin to crumble when I stepped in. It almost buried both me and my pursuer. But at least it gave me a chance to escape him/her for a little while.

Past the house, I found a bookstore. There was all kinds of books in there, and some Bahá’í books. It was more like a library, since I had a feeling that the Bahá’í books were “owned” by me and the other Bahá’ís. There were maybe three of us. The other Bahá’ís were very familiar to me, but I can’t pinpoint exactly who they were.

The manager of the bookstore was an alien, though, and very unfriendly to the Bahá’ís. I had to really fight hard just to get all the Bahá’ís books arranged together, since they were scattered before. And then I wanted to arrange them nicely, and in neat order, and there was a great deal of opposition to this.

Finally, I succeeded, and was able to show my Bahá’í (non-alien) friends. It is interesting that there were other humans there. That realization didn’t dawn on me during the dream.

Later, when the manager of the bookstore took a short break, we went through and completely rearranged the section of the store where the Bahá’í books were, to give us more room, and to make the display more attractive. We totally succeeded at this, and then things were looking very nice indeed. Although the aliens really grumbled about this; they didn’t make us take it down, however.

Off in the corner of the roomlet where our books were, which was more like an open foyer area near the front door of the store, there was also an art display. There was a sketching there by a deceased Bahá’í poet, that was selling for more than $350. For some reason, this seemed dramatic in the dream, as if this were a priceless item.

Then I decided to try drawing something, just for fun, since I was getting bored just sitting around. I used colored pencils, and drew an image of a blue river running past an old, gnarly tree on the riverbank. The bank was green, and lush, and the water, deep blue.

When I was done, I just put the drawing down somewhere. Later, I found that it had been added to the “for sale” collection, by someone from the store. Out of interest, I looked at the back to see how much they were selling it for. The price was $5.50. Not very much, but I thought, “Hey, that was an easy $5.50 to make. All I had to do was draw for a couple of minutes!”

It may be nothing, but there is an interesting correlation here between the “5.50” from this dream, and the (2)550 (AD) from the next dream. Since in that dream the disc (see below) had the dates listed without the leading 2 to indicate the millenium. So that the time of the cataclysm was in 550 A.D. Odd…

Anyway, after my drawing was put on sale, a co-worker came to look at it. When she came, it was now sitting with the Bahá’í books, in the middle of them, as if it were on display. And now, there was a glowing red sunset in the middle – something which hadn’t been there before. And she became very sentimental, and said, “Where is my old John, the one that I knew in the car?” She said this completely in the sense of friendship, as if to say, “Where is that man whom I knew, who made me laugh and cry, and touched me?” And I ran up to her and said, “See! I’m still here! I’m right here!” And she seemed to smile, and was consoled. I guess the picture represented what she loved most about me. Maybe it was really a symbol of the better parts of my being.

Anyway, I woke up at that point, and realized I was late for work. But it was a very vivid, colorful dream, like the one I had last night. As if there were some message it was trying to send to me…