Ignore form. Study content.
Form is the blacksmith
who finds only afterward
that it was his anvil
he was pounding with such fury.

Ignore the material, look to the spiritual.
We make sure to walk the spiritual way with practical feet
by first setting our affairs in order
before we embark on our flights of fancy.
I’ve studied grammar, and language:
now I’m ready to enter the unknown.

This is a fragile, scary place.
People who speak of truth – real truth –
are put to death. Others are reviled,
scorned, rejected.
Those are the places I’m bound for.
I expect my writing will convey this.

If it’s ugly in my eyes,
then I’ve discovered something new,
since how many of us dive forward
into what is painful, or unpleasant?
Yet that is where the new things are:
the novelties which the world
can only thank you for when you’re gone.