The love of God

A long drive today (nine hours). And a discovery: In the past year or so, I have been thinking much on the love of God, and how this plays into joy and happiness. In that search, I found a source of feelings which I was able to return to, of such a character as to demonstrate a psychic validity (to use Jung’s terminology).

Later I thought about what we love to do, and how fully engaging in this activity yields an experience with some similar characteristics. Then on Quality (the theme of this summer), and the experience of perceiving Quality in the world.

Afterwards I started using the term “reality” to express another connection to what was beginning to some like a single source. This line of thinking conjoined with thoughts on the “world view” (the Weltanschauung), and how we use that construction to root ourselves within the flow, so to speak.

And afterwards it became the theme of psychic integration: the way the self expresses its disassociated components through the projection of value onto the world perceived – this world-perceived being very much linked to the formulation of world views.

As I was driving along in the car, it occurred to me that the “well-spring” revealed by all of these lines of thoughts tasted the same: the Love of God, full engagement and joy, Quality, experience of reality, what lies beyond the world-view, and the coming together of estranged parts of the psyche.

What this points to, I do not know. The idea of confluence, however, itself produced a euphoria that made me feel as though I were floating home. More thinking on the subject of integration across these various philosophic systems is needed.