Personality test

Out of interest, took the Meyers-Briggs Personality Test today. I remember back in my college days I was pretty strongly INTP. What surprised me is that the test now places me as INFJ (indeed, many of the questions I answered differently now than I would have back then).

I am only 1% away from the midline between Judging (INFJ) and Perceiving (INFP), and found much of myself described by both categories. Also, my introverted and intuitive aspects were rated as 22% from midline, while feeling is 56% away from thinking (which corresponds to my disenchantment in recent years with theory, and a greater desire to get to know things by how they affect me, first-hand).

An interesting test, Meyers-Briggs is based on the same psychological foundation as the book I have been reading by Jung. Whatever its accuracy, what a person reads into it is bound to reveal something about themselves.