Spell bound

Soft light scatters in an empty room,
and silence, layered thick on pale gray,
is broken by a stirring whisper.

Roaming deserts, castiing dune upon dune --
and barren, dry, incapable of life --
are touched by the bloom of a desert flower.

Still lakes, that cast their magic spell,
bring hush to the valley and forest all around;
now a stone falls, and the dance of life resumes.

The great heavens, whose stars attend their place in time
and guide travelers by their constant role,
become backdrop to a streak of light -- proving even the heavens are playful.

And me, in my somber life, where parched soil suffices for a heart:
you are the spring rain, the fertile wind, the end to my interminable winter --
you brought life, where hope of life had been lost.