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From what you’ve said, I understand your philosophy to be:

Human beings are not complete in themselves, but require spiritual connection with others to find happiness.

I do not accept this, and see no reason to accept it. If such connections were fundamental to my being’s fulfillment, I would expect to see some mention of it in my Obligatory Prayers, for example. What I see there talks only about me and God.

I have believed this statement in the past, and found how tenuous and inconstant that “happiness” is. I think that while it may work for you, in your life right now, it does not work for a host of other people. What about the man who gets stranded on an island? Or the disfigured person with few friends? Or the person in a political prison who is kept in solitary confinement? Are these simply various forms of hell, and happiness is impossible?

I think this formula hides the fact that the person who believes in it is unhappy. That is why they seek spiritual sustenance from other people: because they feel empty when alone. I do not call this “happiness”, but “staving off unhappiness”.

My own formulation, derived from these weeks abroad, is:

Being is all that being needs to be.

A human being’s being is that of being aware. What is he aware of? Quality; God; beauty; the unnameable reality that exists before all definition. His happiness is the function of this awareness, and so happiness is his natural state. If he feels unhappy, it is because he has turned away from the nature of his being and is trying to seek happiness elsewhere – such as in other people. Like the person described above.

That is my position. I cannot see how it threatens anyone, since by its own definition it implies that people cannot be threatened.