After a quick trip to the hospital

I decided to visit the hospital since the pain in my hand was pretty bad, and it was feeling cold under the bandage I had bought. Always a bad sign.

One of the benefits of socialized medicine, of course, is the cost. It was only $20 per plate for the x-rays, of which they took three photos (2 plates). They said there were no fractures, and that I had probably torn the ligaments from straining my wrist.

The benefit of this knowledge for me is that my Tourette’s Syndrome will now leave that hand alone. There is nothing that causes me to move a part of my body more, than thinking such movement will damage it. Such is the bizarre nature of the disorder.

The part of the hospital I went to was called “Pronto Socorro”, which I guess would translate as “Ready Aid”. It’s like the emergency room, except that you can go there for non-emergency problems. Sort of a walk-in hospital department.

While waiting and looking around, I found that I love the way foreign people use English words sometimes. For example, the brand of latex gloves they use is called “Touchy”. How very cute! It makes me think all those rubber hands are just dying for a doctor to come along, so that they can get out of the box and touch me all over. They should have cotton swabs named “Feely”, or maybe tongue depressors called “Proby”.

After they look at you, you pay your bill in a machine that accepts coins and bills and gives change. It was all rather laid back, with departments spread all over, so that I got to walk through the old building a lot, and see its many lovely courtyards.

It is worth putting this hand in a splint anyway and giving it a rest. Damage like this will probably take a long time to heal. At least I don’t feel it while typing. There is always something to be grateful for.

Ciao della bella cittá di Firenze.