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It is true that I value intellect over feelings. To make one’s choices by feeling alone, following the path that feels right, is the way of the animal. Man alone possesses the gift of intellect, a rational soul, and it is by the use of it that we distinguish ourselves, and are able to make choices based on what is just and true, rather than what feels good.

That said, it is also not infallible, since it is only as good as the assumptions we feed into it. Feeling can assist in testing those assumptions. I have included a passage below on the different kinds of proof.

I also value feeling as a part of the whole of life, and think that feeling good is a very good indicator of the right choice. By this I mean joy more than physical pleasure: the kind of pleasure that proceeds from the happiness of the soul in doing what is right.

It is by our intellect that we learned that the world was round, the sun is at the center of the solar system, and how to fly. None of these “felt” right; there are still people – though few – who argue against them because they defy common sense. The church and society opposed every one of these discoveries, because they felt so wrong at the time.