Our own reflection is invisible

If I were placed in a room with no reflecting surfaces, it would be impossible for me, using only my eyes, to behold my own face. This would result in a situation in which the organ of sight, the heart of sight, is imperceptible to itself.

Perhaps in a similar way, God, Who is the Author of consciousness, is experienced by our consciousness, although never perceived. Mirrors exist to reflect back to the organ of sight its particular nature; but where is the God mirror, by which we of created reality can look back and witness the operation of our own awareness?

Thus there is a permanent remove, since consciousness cannot truly apply its abilities back to its own self. What does our tongue taste like? How does the inner part of our nose smell?

There is no inversion possible, of the acting agent upon the actor, when the reality of that thing defined by its action. Removing the eye ball from its socket, we could then examine it, but not by using the faculty we just gave up. Likewise, it may be that realization of God’s essence would imply the cessation of our existence. We are not greater beings of which our consciousness, like an eyeball, is a mere part. For us, awareness is the eye, and is also our whole being. This implies that stepping outside the boundaries of our awareness would be no different from complete negation.