Creation from nothingness

Any physical creation exists within a pre-determined set of bounds, making “creation” only an iteration within a domain. Hence creation itself is without value. Statistically, all creation will occur at some time; therefore, significance lies in the experience, and nothing whatsoever in the thing.

What is the quality of experience? It is an interchange between a symbol and the whole man, who, becoming abstracted, is free to relate in a way that is not defined by the domain, since thought and feeling are likewise “creations”.

True existence for the soul must lie outside creation, and therefore only take part when there is no creation. No thought, no word, no act or sense or feeling. Entire freedom from these allows action in another manner, since it is not action as understood by this existence.

Spirit. Has no existence in this plane; only expression when not confined, and experience when not hindered.

Thought, activity, creations of the minds, have only relative validity. Only the pure, free spirit is absolute, which is so difficult to attain.

So difficult to attain because it is a test, to the find the conscious, or those willing to relinquish co-Godhood, co-Creatorship.

We cannot truly love or appreciate what we might compete against.

When we are free to renounce creation (both the doing and the thing), then we are worthy to receive the love of the True Creator, because until that moment we are seeking to equal him, and after that moment we stand in awe.

He would not have created us to know him, for to create something, truly, is to bring it forth from beyond the pale of possibility. Therefore, in order for Him to create those would love Him, they must have been created from nothingness, from a condition of not knowing, not loving, with every chance in the world not to know, and every other thing in creation that they have might have loved otherwise. And then, a single world: not a proof, but an announcement: “love Me

that I am“. There is no love created, only an unspoken mystery. This revelation is a revelation of the existence of a truth, and not the truth itself. If the seeker is created through a negative realization of what he is not, and then pursues that mystery, and figures out all the unspoken things, and discovers through his created self that the created self does not exist, then he has transcended the condition of his own existence, and voila, the act of true creation is performed. For at no time during our inception were we already what we would become.

The true lover of God appears from nowhere, with no cause, and the existence of this is our participation in the mystery of true creation, and the fulfillment of our purpose, at least in one respect. To see what is not there is creating sight; to discover what is hidden is only a matter of time. Religion is not a hidden book; its text does not exist, and yet the hands of true faith will hold it dear to the heart, and become glorious in a new creation.