Conceptions of faith

It seems so awfully strange, that we should be bound to agree with the religious sentiments of our current era. As I look around, I realize that the Faith will look so different from the way it does now – when its membership will include all sorts of people, from every walk of life. Are the attitudes today the same as they were in the 1920s? Our sense of “propriety”, of “reverence”, of “appropriateness”: these are more social conventions that came with our mother’s milk! If there is a Law governing a certain detail of human life, that’s different; but where there is no law, we have complete freedom of action. That is the nature of our free-will. I would say that 5% of being a Bahá’í lies in dealing with the Law. This would mean that the other 95% is the relationship we form from our own sense of His Divine Reality. It shouldn’t be dictated to us by others, no matter how subtlely or kindly. Of the three things necessary to comprehend His Teachings, Bahá’u’lláh lists among them “freedom of spirit”. Outside the dictates of the Law, our spirits have been given the prerogative to soar, and soar, and soar; anything that would bind us is a chain from this world.