Artistic endeavor

In pursuit of artistic endeavor, the goal is to capture from an event the essential element which makes it real for the viewer. Only this element is conveyed, allowing the remainder – the “mundane details” – to be recreated in the audience’s mind, by his own creative imagination. In this way, art can be made “pro-creative”.

Because it is not possible to the repeat the real world, nor can the tree of meaning and significance be transplanted directly from the artist’s mind to the viewer. Instead, a seed of pure, refined substance is presented – offered – and the reconstitution occurs in the reader. Just as an oak seed, if it is that, will always produce an oak tree.

These things require mastery of the techniques of distilling rich experience and employing suggestion and subtlety, so that it is brought into an essential moment, and this moment becomes another real event in the viewer’s mind.