Flight of the Archaeopteryx

Seven men, with seven needs, but fourteen wants and half the time,
sit mindlessly before their doors, waiting for the set-down chime;
that signifies the mothership’s arrival on her destined course:
the mission of that fated crew, a correlated Trojan Horse.

A society bereft of evil broke apart from common ways,
founded on the Io moon, distant from the mind decay.
Named themselves the LES: Society of the Leading Edge,
their need for money, law and doubt falling into voids of age.

A utopia, named by ancient Greeks, a peace without the self-mistrust;
outside this Tower of Iron Will lied others in a swirling dust.
Whom contrast taught alone this truth: the eyes in vacant skulls are blind.
So sought did they, but to destroy, this peace which none of them could find.

  At the end of a limitless mind, sits upon the Knowledge Throne:
  the king of Right, the jester Wrong,
    to his left, the Knower, and his right, the Known.
  And all his subjects thereby stand, waiting for the king’s decree.
  He makes a law, they hear their own: the change therefrom, fatality.

So sent did they a sheep-dressed wolf, Archaeopteryx by name,
a ship unknown to LES to be of mind and deed the same
as those men who in its walls came then from the Outer World;
their task was then to only blank that peace which they could not unfurl.

But failed did they, so judged their masters, rulers of the Ancient Way,
for now those men who sought to kill are LESers to this day.
And every year do send the Lords a ship upon this task of fame;
and every year the LES grows in number by the same.

  At the end of a limitless mind, stands alone on shadow trees,
  cast aside by plural doubt, uncertain of the king’s decree,
  A subject finds the doorway home and leaves the kingdom far behind
  For deep within, the pupil sees, the court resides within his mind.