The beauty of Divine law

Human beings are created as perfect instruments for perceiving and appreciating the Divine (i.e., “to know and to worship God”).

Like any instrument we are governed by principles. Just as a car or a violin, in order for that instrument to achieve its best performance and maximum potential it must be used in accordance with its principles: properly tuned, used in the right way, not exceeding certain limits, etc. When you find the “sweet spot” for any instrument’s intended purpose, it is like light upon light.

Everything that makes us happy and fulfilled in this life derives its qualities from that fundamental relationship we were created to achieve, serving us like echoes, or shadows cast, and meant to inspire us forward.

But leading beyond this is a road to far greater stations and realities, thus far undreamt of. To pass along that road, we must be properly attuned and attired. This is the purpose of the law of God. It is in no way about restriction or limitation, but sharpening and dilating the eye so it may see all it was created to see.

An example of this occurred to me one night while driving down empty streets in northern Arizona. It struck me that these lines on the road, the street lights, the signs – were not put there to inhibit progress. They were the very form of my safety, since the ability to travel at such speeds came from an assurance that other cars would not suddenly drive through red lights or ignore their own signs. Their purpose was to allow me travel at maximum speed to my destination and arrive there in one piece.