Patience and impatience

One analogy that makes the concept of both requiring and abandoning patience in the mystic path make sense is human love. When a young man or woman wishes to find their “true love”, one of the things we more experienced people tell them is not to rush into anything. That is, don’t hook up with the first willing person you meet. In their sheer desire to be wed/joined, a person is likely to jump at the first feelings of affection, thinking, “Omg, I’m never going to find real love, I should take what I’m able to find.” They look at examples of older, single people all around them, and think that it’s such a rare occurrence, they should be lucky to find anything.

But seeking out the Manifestation comes with a guarantee of victory. However, one should not seize upon whatever belief seems appealing. Just as we might counsel the prospective lover, patience is required. When you find your true love, you’ll know. If you’re not sure, then you haven’t yet. Don’t let your heart tie you down prematurely, because attachment is in its nature. Observe patience and continue the search, anywhere and everywhere. The surest path to romantic fulfillment is exposure to as many people as possible, combined with prayer and readying one’s self for the day they find it. So too with our Immortal Bride. Since we can’t force the issue, our energy should be spent preparing ourselves for recognizing Him on the day God leads us to victory.

As for impatience, the sign of true love is uncontrollable desire. Think about when you studied subjects in college. Some were boring, some mildly interesting, some thought provoking. But if you were lucky enough – and if, again, you exposed yourself to enough subjects – you may have been lucky to find that one subject which resonates with your mind and heart. Whose study lit your mind on fire and kept you up late at night; whose study was both satisfying and thirst-producing, because the more you delved into it the greater your desire became.

Patience is needed to find such a subject. Impatience is the sign that you have found it. But it must never be the premature impatience of “just wanting the search to be over with”. One must be willing for the search to endure over ten thousand years. That proves one’s dedication. Until your Beloved “seizes the reins of patience and reserve from out thy hand”, then the search must continue.