To be consumed

Whom do I write to now?
Where can I send my complaint?

Time has uncoiled like a serpent
whose fangs have felled my hopes.

I await the next strike
the paralyzing blow
after which, I soon expect
to be swallowed whole.

Are we all consumed so viciously?
Or is this choice delight
only for those who ask?

Pray for His will
and you might find it:
unfolding in your life the way
  a venus flytrap
responds to the slightest touch…

He is a devourer of souls, a sacred flame
to burn all wooden forms of love!

  “He who is beloved of Me,
  him shall I slay.
  He who is slain by Me,
  I Myself shall be his ransom.”

My partner is my pain tonight;
and somewhere in that: a compassion
whose depths I will never fathom.