A chalice filled

I was a crystal chalice
open, and waiting for the rains to pour.
Since youth I had longed for fullness.
It seemed my being had been made
in the shape of something
I was meant to find.

But for so long, I was a bearer of hollows.
My bones made dull groans
as the winds passed over me.
I trembled when the Earth trembled,
and viewed every precipice
with shattered dreams.

The she came into my life.
She poured forth, from a long, fluted stem;
filling all my spaces with her ruby kiss.
She intoxicated me, my lady Wine,
and made every dark place
smile with an inner glow.

We are quite a pair, she and I.
When other lips come for sohbat
they stumble away down dark alleys,
unable to bear the heady laughter.

I was a chalice, once;
now I am only a taste, divine,
borne aloft in Saghi’s arms.