Images of Aptos, California

A friend and I looked after a mutual friend’s kids for a little while, so we walked them down to Hidden Beach, in Aptos, California. This collection shows photographs of that beautiful part of the California coast.

Of the photos taken, all of them were in done in one of the various “Auto” supported by my camera, the Canon Digital Rebel. I finished reading the manual last night, but haven’t yet tried adjusting things like the shutter speed and exposure. The Rebel has various automatic settings for different subjects; most of the photos in the collection were done in landscape mode, with a few done as closeups or portraits.

It has been a very easy camera to use so far, with none of its features “getting in my way”. I even turned off the digital preview in order to pay more attention to the shot itself, taking multiple shots if I really cared about the image. The pictures of the shoes above was the second of two shots taken in the same mode. The first version was too blurry, however, because apparently my hands had moved. It showed me how useful multiple shots are! Out of 150+ photos, a third made it past the cutting floor.

The shoes are owned by one of the little girls we took to the beach; and that was exactly how she left them behind her, before she ran to rescue more seashells from the encroaching waves.