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I have arrived in Barcelona! after a comfortable flight of fourteen hours that went by almost unnoticed. Between a movie and a book, it was a nice stretch of quiet time.

I had no accommodations on arrival, just a plane ticket. Even though it’s the summer, I didn’t think it would be impossible to find a decent place to stay. This has always worked out best in the past, so this trip is “no plans” all the way.

Well, the tourist agency told me there is a big convention in town, and everything is full. This was worrisome for a moment, but I know God will help too. The moment of fear passed, and I arranged for the only room they had (one night only), and assumed it would work out the next day.

Suffice it to say, in the name of trust, that in less than thirty minutes – as the result of a strange series of “coincidences” – i scored an apartment room to my self for the entire month of June, dead in the middle of Barcelona, for thirty euro a night.

I can’t say this was surprising, and yet all the coincidences flowed together with such fluid ease that it was more like hearing the delivery of a funny joke. At the end of it I could only laugh and say to myself, “Of course!”